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#ifndef TAG_H
#define TAG_H

#include <string>

class Facet;
class FacetImpl;
class TagImpl;
class TagSet;
class FacetSet;

 * Representation of a tag.
 * Tagcoll::Tag represents a Tag with all its informations.  It is implemented
 * via a reference-counted smart pointer, so it can be passed around freely and
 * efficiently without worrying for memory management issues.
 * The class is normally instantiated via Facet::obtainTag:
 * @code
 *    Tag mytag = facet.obtainTag("printable");
 * @endcode
 * Tag can contain a "false" value, in which case using any of its methonds
 * produce a null-pointer dereference segfault.  The "null" tags are useful as
 * "none" return values:
 * @code
 *    Tag mytag = facet.getTag("printable");
 *    if (!mytag)
 *       throw ConsistencyCheckException("tag \"printable\" has not been defined");
 * @endcode
00030 class Tag
      TagImpl* impl;

      Tag(FacetImpl* facet, const std::string& name) throw ();

      Tag() throw ();
      Tag(const Tag& f) throw ();
      ~Tag() throw ();
      Tag& operator=(const Tag& f) throw ();

      bool operator==(const Tag& f) const throw ();
      bool operator<(const Tag& f) const throw ();

      operator bool() const throw ();

      Facet facet() const throw ();

      const std::string& name() const throw ();
      std::string fullname() const throw ();

      friend class FacetImpl;
      friend class TagSet;

class Facet
      FacetImpl* impl;

      Facet(FacetImpl* impl) throw ();

      explicit Facet(const std::string& name) throw ();
      Facet() throw ();
      Facet(const Facet& f) throw ();
      ~Facet() throw ();
      Facet& operator=(const Facet& f) throw ();

      bool operator==(const Facet& f) const throw ();
      bool operator<(const Facet& f) const throw ();

      operator bool() const throw ();

      const std::string& name() const throw ();

      Tag obtainTag(const std::string& name) throw ();

      bool hasTag(const std::string& name) const throw ();
      Tag getTag(const std::string& name) const throw ();
      const TagSet& tags() const throw ();

      friend class Tag;
      friend class FacetSet;

// vim:set ts=3 sw=3:

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